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Automatization and Reporting Department Chief

Our Services

a) Data Processing Unit

Management of Student Affairs Information System

Education and Support of The Stakeholders About Using Management of Student Affairs Information System

Recording The New Students Who Deserve to Have Enrolment Into Student Affairs Information System

Management of Web Page of Registrar’s Office

Management of Tickets Coming from The Units/ Responding to Them

Preparing Data Reports Related To The Students

Monitoring YÖKSİS Reports and Problems

Preparing YÖKSİS Finance Reports

Planning for Introduction of Unit’s Course Programs and Supporting

Managing the OIBS Process of Academic Calendar Process


b) International Student Office

Informing International Students About Our Programmes

Secretary Processes of Foreign Student Admission and Evaluation Commission

Helping Students Who Are Admitted In Relation to City and Residence

Correspondences Related To International Students

Management of International Student Web Page

Supporting the Units and Advisors With Legislation

Preparing the Files of International Students Who have new enrolment

Checking International Student Tuition Fees and Related Necessary Correspondences

The Processes Related to International Students’ Military Services

Correspondences Related to Directorate General of Migration Management

Examining and Monitoring  Board of Directors’ Decisions Made On the Behalf of International Students

Examination of Decisions Related to Graduation of International Students

Carrying Out The Graduation Processes of International Students

Publishing The Diploma and Diploma Supplement of International Students

Finalizing The Student File Processes of International Students


c) Office Of Monitoring Graduate

Submitting Graduate Students’ Diploma and Necessary Documents

Management of Graduate Information System

Recording The Graduate Students Into Graduate Information System

Informing The Graduate Students About Graduate Information System

Monitoring the Graduate Students’ Files

Providing the Communication With The Graduate Students